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    Appointments scheduled in three steps.

Built for trainers

Developed specifically for personal trainers, golf instructors, yoga teachers and other fitness providers, Pro Booking facilitates easy and intuitive appointment scheduling.

For on-the-go

Optimized for mobile devices including iPhone and Android phones. We want you to be up to date, no matter whether you are at the gym, at a customer’s or on the road.

For free

We guarantee that Pro Booking will remain absolutely free of charge. Also in the future, only premium features such as payment will be subject to subscription fees.

Feature overview

No more time-consuming phone calls, e-mailing or texting – Pro Booking connects you as fitness provider simply and efficiently with your clients.

Easy appointment scheduling

Easily make, postpone and cancel appointments. Individual and group trainings as well as classes.

See your schedule

Get a quick overview about upcoming trainings including participants and locations. As a list or in a handy view per day.

Synchronize calendars

Directly synchronize appointments into existing calendars. Be up to date in your Google calendar, Outlook or your phone calendars.

Communicate with clients

Send and receive push messages on appointments. If anyone’s late, everyone will know.

Personalize your app

Customize the layout of your app and store settings such as type of training offered or price and duration of trainings.

Easy handling

Enjoy easy and straight forward workflows in state-of-the-art design. Your clients will love it.

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